Can I place the device in my peripheral vision?

We do not know the answer. From the theoretic point of view, you want to maximize the light hitting the foveal region of the retina that has the greatest representation in the cortex. Therefore, you want the screen directly in front of you and you want to focus your eyes on the screen (solving puzzles).

What is 40Hz Gamma frequency?

A 40Hz Gamma frequency wave is a pattern of neural oscillation in the brain that is associated with neuronal synchronization. This synchronization has been implicated in a range of cognitive processes from memory retrieval to problem solving.

Do individuals with Alzheimer’s disease have normal 40Hz Gamma frequency waves?

No. Neuronal synchronization particularly in the Gamma frequency have been shown to be decreased in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

How can I tell the model of my iPad?

On the back of iPad find the Model number located underneath the iPad logo.

These are model numbers of iPad Pro released in 2017 (40Hz-capable): A1701 , A1709, A1670, A1671.

My iPad has 60Hz refresh rate. Can I use it with AlzLife?

All iPhones and  iPads (except iPad Pro) have refresh rate 60Hz. You can use AlzLife on these models, however for 40Hz light therapy you need a device with a higher refresh rate. On devices with 60Hz refresh rate, the maximum flickering rate is 30Hz. Flickering frequencies less than 40Hz may be less effective in the clearance of amyloid beta protein.

At the time of this release, the only two devices that can generate 40Hz stimulation are iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9 inches 2017 or newer.

How can I lock my device on AlzLife?

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. In the Learning section, tap General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Toggle Guided Access On.
  3. Tap on Set Passcode and choose a passcode that only you will know. Toggle Accessibility Shortcut to Off.

Once Guided Access is enabled, if AlzLife user tries to leave the app, a banner message will appear telling them to triple-click the Home button to exit. If they don’t know the passcode, they won’t be able to exit Guided Access.

40Hz Sound Therapy

If you do not hear the 40Hz sound:
1. Make sure that the 40Hz Sound Therapy is on in the global app Settings (the Settings button is in the top left corner of the home screen).
2. Set iPad sound volume to maximum
3. Use over-the-ear headphones
4. 40Hz Sound plays only during cognitive games
5. Un-mute the iPad speakers: swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. Tap on the bell icon to turn it on – it should become white.

Can 40Hz light flickering trigger neuronal synchronization?

Yes. The research has shown that 40Hz light flickering can induce gamma frequency oscillations using LED lights. The research was published in the journal Nature in 2016, entitled “Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia.” The 40Hz light stimulation substantially reduced the beta amyloid plaques seen in Alzheimer’s disease in the visual cortex of mice.

What is the importance of cognitive games?

Research has shown that cognitive exercises can have a major effect on improving memory and cognitive function. The synergistic combination of light and cognitive therapy utilized in AlzLife has the potential to improve the brain’s function better than any of these therapies alone by starting a positive feedback loop: light therapy could initiate neuronal synchronization that could trigger improved cognitive function, that, in turn, could trigger more neuronal synchronization.
To improve usability, all of the games in this application use a high-contrast color scheme designed specifically for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

How do I use my gamma light therapy app?

We recommend using your AlzLife app for one hour a day. The research shows a drastic reduction in amyloid beta protein after only one hour of light exposure. If the 40Hz gamma frequency flicker is too bothersome, start using the app with the light therapy settings set to a minimum. Most people will get used to the flicker over several sessions. If you stop noticing the flicker, you may want to increase the flicker intensity within the app’s Light Setting. The best recommendation for any therapy is to use it in moderation and make adjustments based on how you feel.
N.B. Some people who are susceptible to seizures may react negatively to gamma light. If you have had seizures in the past, we suggest that you avoid using this application before consulting your primary doctor.

Which games should I start with?

The game portion of the therapy was specifically designed for memory and cognitive improvement. Start with the games you are familiar with, then continue with as many games as possible. We recommend starting at an easy level and slowly increasing the game difficulty to the level that is challenging but not uncomfortable.

Does AlzLife have easy games?

Yes. We designed games to work for all levels of intellect. When you open a game screen, tap the Settings button and select “Very Easy level.”

Is there any benefit to guessing the answer in cognitive games?

The benefits of cognitive games greatly diminish if you are relying on trial-and-error as opposed to active mental simulation. We encourage you to find the solution mentally, and only then input the answer into position.

What devices can I use AlzLife on?

Most tablets and smartphones have refresh rate of 60Hz (screen is updated 60 times per second). Devices with refresh rate of 60Hz are only able to generate maximum light frequency of 30Hz. The optimal light stimulation, however, occurs at the frequency of 40Hz. Frequencies less than 40Hz have NOT been shown to produce the same effect in regards to the clearance of amyloid beta protein. Thus, the minimum necessary refresh rate is 80Hz (one white frame + one black frame 40 times per second = 80 frames per second or 80Hz). This refresh rate is only available on the devices mentioned below.

Apple devices:

AlzLife is available for all iOS devices, however, the optimal light therapy is delivered by devices with 120Hz refresh rate. At this time, these devices include iPad Pro released since 2017. Here are links to least expensive iPads released in 2017: iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9.

Android devices:

AlzLife is available for all Android devices, however, the optimal light therapy is delivered by devices with 80 to 120Hz refresh rate. At this time, these devices include Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/ S20 Ultra (you have to manually set the refresh rate to 120Hz in the Settings), Asus ROG Phone 2, OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T, Realme X2 Pro, Poco X2, Realme 6 Pro and Realme 6, Nubia Red Magic 3S, Xiaomi Mi 10 / 10 Pro 5G, Realme X50 Pro 5G, Razer Phone 2, Google Pixel 4, Sharp Aquos Zero2.

Alternative solution:

To receive the 40Hz light therapy on other devices, we recommend purchasing a supplementary standalone light device developed by our Gamma Light Therapy.

Do I need internet access to use AlzLife?

Yes. All games are loaded from a server and therefore the device needs access to the internet.

The app has no sound. What can I do?

  1. Move the ring/silent switch into the ring mode. (The app is muted by iOS in the silent mode). If your iPad does not have ring/silent switch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. Tap on the bell icon to switch it on – the icon should turn white.
  2. Use the sound volume buttons to increase the device volume.
  3. Turn sound on inside AlzLife app by toggling ON the sound button in the game Settings screen.

How to cancel a subscription

All subscription transactions are between you and your app store. App stores do not even send us subscription receipts. Only you can cancel a subscription.
On an Apple device:
1. Launch the Settings app.
2. Tap iTunes & App Store.
3. Tap on the top line that says:  “Apple ID: ***********”.
4. On the pop-up screen, tap View Apple ID.
5. Enter your Apple ID password or fingerprint ID when prompted.
6. Tap Subscriptions.
7. Tap the Subscription you want to cancel.


On an Android device:
1. To unsubscribe, navigate to your Google Play Store app.
2. Tap the hamburger menu button in the top left corner and select “Subscriptions.”
3. Find and tap on the app. You will be navigated to the apps “Manage subscription” page.
4. At the bottom of this page, tap “Cancel Subscription.”
5. In the pop-up screen, select the reason you want to cancel and then tap “Continue.”
6. Confirm your cancellation by tapping “Cancel Subscription.” Your subscription should now be canceled.

How can I be sure that the screen is flashing at 40Hz, is there a way to verify that?

To verify 40Hz light stimulation you need to slow down the light flickering. You can use slow motion video recording feature of a smartphone. For example, iPhone Slo-Mo mode reduces speed 8-fold. You could use an iPhone Slo-Mo to record flickering of the iPad and then use the iPad Slo-Mo to record the iPhone’s video playback. By making Slo-Mo video of a Slo-Mo video you will slow the frames down 64 times.
Then just count the black frames. The original 40Hz stimulation was slowed down 64 times. Therefore, there should be 40 black frames in 64 seconds.

Do you recommend headphones or speakers?

We recommend over-the-head headphones or subwoofer speakers.

The app has no sound! What can I do?

  1. Move the ring/silent switch into the ring mode. (The app is muted by iOS in the silent mode). If your iPad does not have a ring/silent switch, swipe down from the top right of the iPad screen to open the Control Center. Tap on the Bell icon to turn the silent mode off.
    If there is no Bell icon in the Control Center, add the Bell icon: Settings -> Control Center -> More Controls -> Add a control -> Silent Mode (the Bell icon). Then open the Control Center. Tap on the Bell icon to turn the silent mode off.  (The crossed bell on the white background  indicates the silent mode.)
  2. Use the sound volume buttons to increase the device volume.
  3. Turn sound on inside the app: tap the Settings button > scroll to Sounds.

Game buttons do not work

Something went wrong in the operating system. Shut down and restart your device. Hold down the power button until you’re prompted to power off your device (turn the device off, instead of putting it in sleep mode).

The screen and the sound stop every 2 minutes

Please turn off the screen saver timer.